I see people face-to-face, 2m apart in a well-ventilated room as well as offering sessions using Zoom: https://zoom.us/.

Is Counselling for me?

I have lots of feelings bubbling away inside me

I feel stuck in life and don’t know the way forward

I want to understand myself better

I am struggling to cope since the death of…

I want to escape

Anxiety / depression keeps on returning

I just want a safe place to talk through my issues

About Me

I grew up on the outskirts of Epping Forest, one of four sisters, in an environment of love and competition, arguments and passing the blame, but fierce loyalty and persistence. After ‘A’ levels, I studied psychology, which I loved, then counselling psychology, which is where I found ‘me’.

I picked up the courage to start working as a counsellor in 1997. I love my work, meeting new people, hearing their stories, walking alongside them as they learn to understand and value themselves, make sense of their lives and see the way ahead. I look forward to you getting in touch with me to see if I am the right person to walk with you in the next stage of your journey.


Where do I work?

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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